The best doesn’t have to be the most expensive

Beauty Simplified

In a world proliferated by cheap, often unsafe, overly complex and ineffective health and beauty products Etana Beauty strives to be different.

Many products these days have too many hands touching them in the supply, marketing and distribution chain resulting in absurd mark-ups that are far detached from the actual cost to manufacture the products.

Ease of private label, trickster social media marketing, and product review abuse has made it too easy for low quality, fly-by-night products to enter the market. Sky-high advertising costs of online marketing further add to the crazy mark-ups and are ultimately paid for by the end customer.

All this creates a challenge for consumers looking for real, honest products that actually work and are affordable for continued use.

The paradox of choice is real and transparency in the health and beauty industry is needed now more than ever.

We’ve set out on a mission to change that and run a better business.

Etana Beauty was created to bring simple, affordable, healthy and effective health and beauty products to market in an honest, transparent manner. We believe in treating others right and building more than just a business.

We want to build a community founded on trust, integrity and real results. We value putting people before profits and want to form a culture and business built on trust and treating others with genuine care, concern and respect.

We believe that beauty shouldn’t be exclusive, expensive, prohibitive or reductionist. It shouldn’t have strings attached, be stressful or riddled with anxiety.

 We want you to have fun and see/feel positive change from using our products. If you don’t, then contact us so we can make it right.

That’s the Etana Beauty Promise.

We believe that our brand and products should be:


Straightforward. Not complicated to understand or use.


No gimmicks. Products work as described and expected.


Real, high-quality ingredients and products.


Beneficial & good for you. Never harmful to your health.


All products Manufactured and produced in a environmentally friendly & sustainable manner.


Cost effective and affordable to all.

Our Guarantee

Although we can’t guarantee every product will work for every customer, we can guarantee that every customer will be satisfied with how we treat them and the process by which we resolve any issues should they arise.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you are unsatisfied for any reason, you can rest assured that we will assist you with a product return, replacement or full refund - so you can buy in confidence.

We value putting people before profits and want to run a culture and business built on trust and treating others right.